Successful Women Overcame THIS to Fulfil Their Goals.


The Visionary Introverted Womens Guide to Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Do you find you are consistently telling yourself that you are not good enough?

Are you waiting for someone to tell you what to do or to help you out of your situation?

Do you start a new project with excitement and then abandon it suddenly when it gets tough?

If you answered yet to any of the above questions, you may be sabotaging yourself.

12 Behavioural Saboteurs you may recognise in yourself
12 ways to Overcome
Self - Sabotage

Do you constantly self-sabotage without realising? Most women do, especially leaders and visionaries. We use our external environment and circumstances as an excuse to accept this. This doesn't have to be the case! Download this free resource to understand how to recognise these behaviours & more importantly how to easily and effortlessly squash these behaviours.

Hi, I am Patience...

I am passionate about living an empowered life. Entrepreneurship is one of the most potent ways of achieving this. 

However, whatever you choose to do, developing unwavering self-belief, courage and confidence is key. Having someone in your corner helping you to get to your dream destination is  invaluable, "as the saying goes, a burden shared is a burden halved"

I am a Transformational John Maxwell Certified Coach, Disc Behavioural Expert, Speaker, and Trainer. Some have called me a "Treasure Hunter and I love to see myself as such.

I am bringing together my wealth of knowledge acquired from my training, setting up my own business, being an Executive Director of the renowned, John Maxwell Team and having behind me the backing of my own personal high performance coach and mentors. 

I am super excited that you have opted in to receive this resource which will help you make this journey to greatness! 

To Your Success,

Patience Ogunbona

Carolina Reinhardt
Founder Chk, Fashion

I am so thankful for you Patience, You have encouraged me to step out of my fear and comfort zone , your tools and strategies are helping me build confidence and now I know I am on my way and on fire.

Marie's Style Aisle

Patience is shaping my mindset on the importance of writing plans and using the power of reflection to assess what works, what doesn't work and how to build on these two to function progressively.

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